This project aims to research why Somali-Canadian youth represent a disproportionate number of homicide victims in Ontario. To that end, this project proposes to conduct a three-phased research strategy designed to better understand the root causes and structural conditions of violence among Somali-Canadian youth.

The research will be used to inform a set of strategies, policies and programs aimed at ending the crisis, and will be shared with stakeholders, including, among others: government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and broader communities. The project will be youth-driven and designed with extensive participation from affected populations. The purpose of the research project is to develop a strong foundation of knowledge about the nature of the violence problem afflicting Somali-Canadian youth in Ontario.

The research to broaden understanding of the context, circumstances and conditions that contribute to violence experienced by Somali-Canadian youth will inform broader strategies, policies and programs aimed at eradication.

In the short-term, the research production will provide intervention workers and organizers with basic guidance about how to design initiatives.


If you are interested in learning more about the project please feel free to contact Siham Rayale, Project Leader at

If you wish to get involved, we have a number of opportunities available for interested individuals including advisory committee or project staff positions.