We commit resources, expertise and staff in order to help partners solve systemic challenges to achieving better educational attainment outcomes for at-risk youth.

By supporting and strengthening the competency and capacity of our partners through enhanced tools, more effective strategies and improved policies, we hope to achieve our aim of creating an educational ecosystem that is better equipped to identify and address systemic barriers that harm the academic achievement of at-risk youth populations.

While we work with partners that serve various youth populations, we seek to support partners that directly impact the following youth groups: 

  • African-Diasporic or otherwise racialized youth
  • Low-income households
  • Youth in or leaving care
  • Youth involved in the justice system


Youth LEAPS collaborates with institutional and community-based education partners to improve their competency and capacity to better serve at-risk youth populations. 

Through our collaborations, we provide our partners the following services and supports: 

  1. Program design
  2. Service Delivery
  3. Research, Evaluation and Monitoring
  4. Knowledge Mobilization

By accessing one or more of our services and supports, our partners utilize use our expertise and knowledge to help them develop and implement effective models, tools, training and resources that better meet the needs of the youth they serve.

These supports include development of prevention, intervention and reintegration strategies, tools for teachers and curriculum development and research, among other available supports.

Through our partnerships, our goal is to enhance the education system's competency and capacity to better recognize and respond to youth needs in order to prevent disengagement and improve educational attainment outcomes such as increased rates in graduation and entrance in post-secondary for at-risk populations.