Youth LEAPS works with cross-sectoral partners to build creative solutions to the complex and systemic issues that serve as barriers to educational and employment success of youth.

Alongside our partners, we commit our resources and know-how to develop useful tools, build effective strategies and inform better policies that can improve educational and employment outcomes for Black, African-Diasporic, racialized or otherwise at-risk youth.


Youth LEAPS collaborates with institutional and community-based partners to improve their competency and capacity to better serve Black, African-Diasporic, racialized or otherwise at-risk youth.

Through our collaborations, we provide our partners the following services and supports: 

·      Program Design

·      Service Delivery

·      Research

·      Convening

By accessing one or more of our services and supports, our partners utilize our expertise and knowledge to help them develop and implement effective models, tools, training and resources that better meet the needs of the youth they serve.